Tony's Chocolonely in Canada & United States: Delicious fair trade and Slave Free Chocolate

Tony's Chocolonely in Canada & United States: Delicious fair trade and Slave Free Chocolate

Tony's Chocolonely in Canada and United States a delicious and unique brand that stands out from other chocolates. What makes it so special? Tony's Chocolonely is committed to producing fair trade and slave-free chocolate. With a mission to make 100% slave-free chocolate the norm, Tony's Chocolonely is making a real difference in the world of chocolate.

About Tony Chocolonely

Started in 2003 by journalist Teun van de Keuken, the company has quickly become a market leader in the Netherlands, thanks to its dedication to creating delicious chocolate while promoting fair trade practices. At Dutch Groceries, we support this amazing brand and are proud to offer a wide selection of Tony's Chocolonely chocolates both in-store and online.

What sets Tony's Chocolonely apart is not only their commitment to ethical practices, but also their unique unevenly distributed chocolate cubes. This is a reminder that the world of chocolate is not fair, and that we all have a role to play in making a positive change.

Tony's Chocolonely Flavours

Tony's Chocolonely offers a variety of flavors that are sure to satisfy any chocolate lover's taste buds. Some popular options include milk chocolate with caramel and sea salt, dark chocolate with almond and sea salt, and milk chocolate with hazelnut. The brand is also known for its creative limited edition flavors, such as milk chocolate with gingerbread crumbs and white chocolate with raspberry and popping candy.

Our Tony Chocolonely Dark Chocolate Collection: 

 Tony Chocolonely Dark Large

Dark Chocolate

Tony Chocolonely Hazelnut Large

Dark Chocolate with Hazelnut

Tony Chocolonely Almond Seasalt Large

Dark Chocolate with Almond Seasealt

Tony Chocolonely Coconut Pecan Large

Dark Chocolate with Coconut and Pecan

Tony Chocolonely Dark Chocolate Citroen Caramel Large

Dark Chocolate with Lemon Caramel

Our Tony Chocolonely Milk Chocolate Collection: 

Tony Chocolonely Toffee Pretsel Large

Milk Chocolate with Toffee Pretzel

Tony Chocolonely Milk Large

Milk Chocolate 

Tony Chocolonely Cinnamon Biscuit Large

Milk Chocolate with Cinnamon and Biscuit

Tony Chocolonely Caramel Seasalt Large

Our bestseller! Milk Chocolate with Caramel Seasalt

Tony Chocolonely Dark Milk 42% Large

Milk Chocolate with hints of Dark Chocolate

Tony Chocolonely Milk Noga Large

Milk Chocolate with Noga


Tony Chocolonely Milk Brownie Pecan Large

Milk Chocolate With Brownie and Pecan

Tony Chocolonely Milk Creamy Hazelnut Crunchy Large

Creamy Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut Cruncy

Tony Chocolonely Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie Large

Milk Chocolate with Chip Cookies

Tony Chocolonely Milk Caramel Biscuit Large

Milk Chocolate with Biscuit and Caramel


Our Tony Chocolonely White Chocolate: 


Tony Chocolonely White Raspberry Large


White Chocolate with Raspberry and POP sugar 

Tony Chocolonely White Candy Cake Cherry

White Chocolate With Candy Cake and Cherry

Tony Chocolonely White Chocolate Large

White Chocolate

And there is more! We also have Tony Chocolate Milk, Small Bags, Giftbags! Check out all Tony products.

If you are planning to go to Amsterdam: Visit the Tony Store! 

If you're in Amsterdam, we highly recommend visiting one of Tony Chocolonely's stores to make your own chocolate bar and experience their delicious cafe. But even if you can't make it to the Netherlands, you can still enjoy the amazing flavors of Tony's Chocolonely in Canada and United States. So why not give them a try? Discover the bars and treat yourself with delicious and ethically produced chocolate!

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