Daniel Metternich


Ever since I arrived in Canada in 2006, I have been a customer of Dutch Groceries. Regularly visiting to get my fix of kroketten , hagelslag and all the other goodies that reminded me of “home”.

Fast forward 14 years and something happened I would have never expected; I became the owner of (in my eyes) best grocery store in Ottawa!

I always knew I wanted to do something with the link I had between Canada and the Netherlands, and this opportunity was truly a dream come true.

Even though you might see me mostly in the store, this is still truly a family business: My wife Rosie and kids come over regularly to help with re-decorating and re-stocking the store as well as my oldest daughter Emma helping out on Saturdays.I am so incredibly proud and motivated to continue Dutch Groceries’ traditions (started by the Veurtjes family in 1953), to continue to make this little store a staple in Ottawa for the Dutch community.Thank you all for your ongoing support!

Bastiaan Lovers


I moved to Canada in November 2020 and immediately started working at the Dutch Grocery store. I was impressed by the Dutch community in Ottawa and the gezelligheid around the store. It really reminds me of home. I’m excited to help everyone get their hands on their favourite Dutch foods.

Together with Daniel, we are partners in managing the Dutch Groceries website.


Besides my work Dutch Groceries, I work as a digital marketing freelancer to help businesses to grow their online revenue. I build performance-based websites and provide digital marketing services.

  • Anita

    From client to co-owner to helping out when necessary! Dutch groceries has brought me my dose of Dutch, where product meets “gezelligheid” and “een praatje” and where you feel home away from home!

    It is not just a store where you shop, it’s a meeting place! Serving clients has been a passion and helping in the store is something I thoroughly enjoy! Looking forward to seeing you in the store!

  • José

    I have been involved with the Dutch store for many years. First as a very frequent customer, then as a co-owner, and now as a part time employee. All parts of these years have a special place in my heart. As a client it was so wonderful to be able to see and get the goods and treats that mean so much to me. Then working there was even more special. Meeting so many Dutch people, having chats with them, listening to their stories, and realizing how special this place is for so many people. There is a reason that the Dutch store has been around for such a long time: it is a place where

    Dutch people literally feel at home. It is not just a store, it is home away from home, and it will always be like that for the Dutch community. I am very happy to be part of that. Thank you all for the great times so far!

  • Esther

    I'm Esther and immigrated with my family in Aug 2020 to this beautiful place in Canada.I found the Dutch Groceries store and did my grocery shopping there, whenever I walked inside I felt like I was back in the Netherlands. Lots of choice and amazing staff. I like working with customers, you'll mostly find me at the deli corner. Where I always love to give you a sample of our cheese collection. I'm so glad to be a part of this amazing team! We always have lots of fun. Please let me know if you have any questions about the Dutch culture and all of our amazing foods! I would be happy to help! Tot snel.

  • Ciska

    I came to Canada 15 years ago. I have always worked in the medical field, but after having kids I wanted something different. Why the dutch store?


  • Elianne

    Since moving to Ottawa from The Netherlands, to me Dutch Groceries has always been a nostalgic place to go and indulge in my favourite chocolates and cheeses (what’s not to like?!).

    Though once a frequent customer, working at Dutch Groceries has allowed me to see truly how big yet close knit the Dutch community is. I am so happy to be here!

  • Ray