Dutch Groceries Pick-up Locations

At Dutch Groceries, we believe that everybody should be able to receive ALL their favorite Dutch goodies as quickly and easy as possible. This is why we now provide extra pick-up locations so we bring the store to you instead! Obviously our home store is in Ottawa: Orders here are usually ready within 2 hours after ordering. However, wait for your notification that it is ready, before getting in your vehicle.
  • Ottawa

    Dutch Groceries (originally started as Dutch Groceries and Imports) has been around for almost 70 years. In these years, there have been changes of products, changes of location, and changes of ownership.

    Pick-up Ottawa 
  • Montreal

    Canada's second-largest city and nearly half of the province of Quebec resides in beautiful Montreal. But when you search for Dutch goodies you will, unfortunately, find out that there is no Dutch grocery store in Montreal (anymore)...

    Pick-up Montreal 

How to place a pick-up order: