Why is dutch licorice so poplair?

Why is Black Licorice so Populair?

You might have noticed our extensive licorice collection in our store. With over 75 different varieties, licorice is one of the top-selling items in our Dutch shop. But what makes Dutch licorice so popular?

Starting as medicine

Black licorice has a long history, starting with its medicinal use. Many cultures used licorice root for its health benefits long before it became a candy. Known for soothing ailments, it eventually transformed into a sweet treat that kept its good reputation.

Variety and Versatility of Dutch Licorice

Black licorice now comes in many shapes and sizes, like coins and hearts, making it perfect for any occasion. This variety adds to its appeal, offering something for everyone. The unique, pungent sweetness of licorice root is what black licorice lovers adore, while others might need time to acquire the taste. Unlike black licorice, red licorice usually uses artificial flavors or anise oil instead of licorice root.

Why Do People Love Black Licorice?

The unique taste of black licorice, coming from licorice root, is a big part of its lasting appeal. This flavor is both unique and polarizing, attracting a dedicated following. Whether it's the historical significance, supposed health benefits, or distinct flavor, black licorice remains a beloved treat. At our store, we celebrate this love for licorice with a wide selection to suit every taste. Whether you're a long-time fan or a curious newcomer, our collection has something for you. Explore our range and discover why black licorice is still a favorite among candy lovers worldwide.
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