Castello Danish Blue

Castello Danish Blue

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    The essence of luxurious munching since its creation, Castello Traditional Danish Blue will have you living in the lap of luxury. Adorning the plate with streaks of royal blue dancing across its creamy white interior, Danablu tantalizes with notes of subtle saltiness and bitter undertones. Boasting a unique flavor that blends in sharp, pungent notes with a smooth, creamy texture, Castello Traditional likely makes other blue cheeses green with envy. Farmers from the island of Funen in Denmark modified French recipes by using cow’s milk rather than goat's milk to obtain a richer, creamier ultimate product. Along with being tamer than Roquefort, Traditional Danish Blue is also perfect for the more timid gourmet. Pair with seared beef, veal, or pork steak, let the melted cheese transform your dinner, or use it to give soups, pastas, and stews an extra-rich creaminess. Enjoy it cold and contrast with z

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